Saturday, July 26, 2008


Got it down to a 2008 CR-V and a 2009 Subaru Forester. Leaning towards the latter. Better visibility. Have no idea how to negotiate price. Am asking a friend for help. Niece R. was here for a couple of days, left yesterday afternoon. It was so wonderful and special having her visit, but I was sad before she arrived knowing she would leave so soon, and am sad that she is gone. Much loneliness. She helped me put together a bookshelf and hang one of the stained glass windows and weed my Edgerton garden. She took Bindi on two long walks. We enjoyed a local thrift shop together. She makes her own clothes that are stunning, creative, flamboyant. Radiation cancelled on Thursday as the machine was "down." Starting to see the same faces in the waiting/dressing room. One woman had throat cancer, her voice box removed. Lots of breast cancer. Still no news on the long term disability. Hard to blog. Can't concentrate. Visit to another doctor for a second opinion last Monday was a waste, as they hadn't gotten the surgery notes but didn't tell me till I was there three hours. I'm ok with other people, but as soon as I'm by myself, I get lost. Where's my Agadore?


dale said...

A couple guys at work have had Subaru Foresters and have seemed to like them.

Father-in-law just bought a Honda Fit. It's a little thing.

kim said...

I'm glad R got to come visit! And that you're coming closer to closure on the car.