Friday, March 20, 2009

Vernal Equinox

Happy Spring! And in Iran, Happy New Year!

At the community garden committee meeting last night, an elegant solution was arrived at concerning my garden and the Food Not Bombs initiative. One of our committee members runs the local FNB chapter, and needs more space to grow vegetables, so I offered my garden for the season for her to use, since I'll be laid up with recovery from knee surgery. In return she will tend my garden and harvest whatever she plants for distribution. I love this arrangement.

Had lunch with K. yesterday at Midori, the Korean restaurant where I had a huge bowl of chicken soup with Asian greens, and udon noodles. It was so cold and rainy out. She lent me the dvd "Under Our Skin," a documentary about Lyme disease, how it is misdiagnosed, the damage done to your body if it is not treated soon enough, and the political corruption which keeps hidden the true extent of the epidemic. I recommend it to everyone.

And esp. for those who have a chronic illness that is not improving or is dismissed by your doctors. Luckily, my being infected with Lyme, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis, all from being bitten by one tick, was diagnosed early, but if it had not been . . .

Yesterday morning I had an appt. with a trainer at my gym who stretched me, and used this roller thingie to work on the knots in my thighs. He was amazed at my flexibility and said that boded (is that a word?) well for my knee replacement recovery. I also did the weight circuit, and about ten minutes on the eliptical machine. It's absolutely clear to me that I need a trainer on a regular basis. My two comp training sessions are over, but perhaps seeing somebody once a week would not cost too much. Haven't looked into that. Can't believe I'm gonna write this but: I like my gym, and it's worth the price. The staff is great.

Had pre-op blood drawn yesterday too, and the woman was so good I didn't feel the needle AT ALL! The vampires usually hurt me and leave a big bruise. Roseann gets an A++! Now have to get a chest xray. No wonder I'm tired today.


Elvy, K's dog, was hit hard in the eye by a golfball today. When K called me and said her eye was swollen and she was squinting, I said "take her to the vet hospital immediately," Natasha Richardson's death still on my mind. Turns out Elvy has a scratch on her cornea, which was likely painful, and was given two meds. Always better to be safe.

Went to my optometrist the other day to get new lenses for my everyday glasses, my computer glasses, and my reading glasses. No new frames this time, as the lenses themselves will be hundreds of dollars.

Bad news about my haircutter. I was absolutely sure I had asked her when I first started going to her if she charged the same fee for women and men, and I was sure she said yes. I asked her again today, and she charges $20 for men and $35 for women! Ethical dilemma alert! I really like this woman, but I cannot stand this discrimination. She was in the middle of my cut when I asked her this question, and I decided not to talk to her about it. Oh man . . .

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