Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ok, I had a good day at the gym. Had an appt. with a trainer who took me through the weight circuit. Now I have a chart, and when I go back to the circuit, I'll sign in for what time I want to use it, and a trainer will set the weight and the seat to my specs. Then I did 25 minutes on the recumbant bike, and then stretched on the raised PT table.

Went to an orientation yesterday at the hospital where I will have my knees replaced. (see photo) Fortunately, with the great help from my sis, I knew much of what they said. I got a little peeved when the nutritionist/dietition gave her part of the talk, and when I asked about their ability to accommodate people with food allergies, she said I would have to order special items ahead or bring them myself!!! What is it with these people? She claimed they don't keep rice or soy milk on hand because there aren't that many requests for it, and it spoils. Spoils!? In those aseptic cartons, they can stay on the shelf for a year! It's one of those small but highly annoying things that really get under my skin. I made a nice connection with a woman who also lives alone and is having a knee replaced, after having the other knee and hip already replaced. She had good suggestions about making sure the medical staff knows about my PTSD.

Saturday night I went to the Milford Center for the Arts to hear the father/son Mexican classical guitarists. I was all the way in the back, and couldn't see very well, but the music was really engaging and beautiful. And the Center had a great photography exhibit on the walls as well.

Hung out with D. and her son N. on Sunday. We had a nice time. N. went across the street with Bindi and played with Chris's dogs and daughters for a really long time. He came back at one point to get a water bowl for Bindi, saying she wouldn't drink out of the other dogs bowls, and she seemed really thirsty. How sweet and thoughtful is THAT?! I was so touched. That night K. and I went out for pizza. So it was a good Sunday.

Hey, I changed the sheets on my bed! Woo hoo!!

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dale said...

Is that a real building? It looks like a matte painting from a Star Trek episode.