Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Buddha With Crown of Snow

The Nor'easter hit Sunday and Monday, the amount indicated by Buddha's crown in photo. But I went out today and the roads were fine, and the snow cover produced some beautiful scenery.

Picked up a raised toilet seat and a bath/shower stool from someone on Freecycle, in preparation for the knee surgery recovery. I love Freecycle. Also got some tips on where to rent other equipment for next to nothing.

Saw the cancer radiologist today. PET scan last week showed nothing significant except a little something under my left arm, which I think was a swollen lymph node from the Tegretol, but now I have to get a CT scan and mammogram, just to be sure. Endless. The arthritis in my left thumb joint is really bothering me today, but that's the least of my ailments.

Got an hour and a half massage today, out where the Scottish Highland bulls live. Found out their names: Dundee and Fife. But they weren't out in the pasture today, unfortunately. But saw some nice horses on a farm nearby, one with a pink blanket covering her back.

Stopped at Paws by the Green in Guilford and got some breath mints for Bindi. Her breath has been reeking, probably because I've started feeding her homemade food with garlic. Got a couple of things that initially she wouldn't eat, but I cut them into small chunks and she ate them right down. She's such a little diva, only liking tiny bits of food and treats.

Ever see that movie, "Enemy Mine," with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, Jr., where Quaid is a human and Gossett is a Drac? I liked it. Been some very good movies on the tube lately.

Picked up a few free books at the cancer center today. When I go back, I'll bring some of my own.

Temps are very very low, but hopefully with a couple of days above 32 degrees, some of the snow will melt. Anyway, I'm going to Florida on the 23rd, and spring will have arrived when I get back.

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Max in the Hague said...

I just find this picture so beautiful! it strikes me as Japanese, for some reason, despite it's Connecticut-home grown origins ;-)