Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apparent Disk of the Moon

Celestial north is up, celestial east is to the left.

This is a synthetic image of the Moon as it would be seen from the
Earth at the date and time indicated, the latter expressed in Universal
(UT). The image is recreated many times per day so that it always
represents the current appearance of the Moon. Listed below the image are the
lunar longitude and latitude (planetographic coordinates) of the sub-Earth and
sub-solar points on the Moon, the phase (the fraction of the area of the
apparent disk that appears illuminated), and the angular diameter of the disk in

This photo is for today, 3/11/2009, from the US Naval Observatory website. Full moon day.

Been going to the gym which really wears me out, along with the time change. Haven't been eating my vegetables, have absolutely no desire for them, unless some one else makes a sald, or a veggie something. All these carbs are so bad for me. Hopefully, when I am in Florida where it will be hot, I'll want salads and vegetable dishes. Plus, Scott is mostly vegetarian.

Saw the ENT today, everything checked out fine. Now have to get all the scripts in my three pairs of glasses updated: general, reading, and computer. I always put that off too long, cause I don't want to get seduced by getting new frames. I have a complicated prescription, and can't just go to lenscrafters or one of those one hour places. Have to pay the big bucks to a good lab.

Been IMing my niece recently, something I never did before. That's cool.

Went to see the singer/songwriter Randy Burns, an old folksinger who hung around New Haven for a while and was back around. Enjoyable. Went with D. We had drinks and a bit of food at 116 before the concert. I had what I think was the best BLT ever: maple smoked bacon, really good cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, garlic aioli, on a small sour dough roll. It was luscious.

Had dinner with K. this past Saturday. She made a tasty calzone, and we watched "I Am Legend" again, since it was playing on her multi channel tv lineup. The doggies munched on bully sticks, and kept trading off between both of us for pets and snuggles.

One of my doctors suggested I rent a hospital bed for home for after the knee surgery. She said when she had her hip replaced, she was really glad she had it, for all the positions it could easily be put in. Sis said she didn't think she needed one. Will ask at the hospital orientation about that when I go on March 16.

Been rainy for a few days. Many more signs of spring. Coincidentally, I decided to put Frontline on Bindi yesterday, and then later in the day found a tick on her. So it's time to do all that fuss. There will be tons off fleas in Florida so protecting her now is the ticket.

So what are you all up to?


Max in the Hague said...

Beautiful shot of the moon! The full moon always puts me on edge... when ever there's drama, there's a full moon accompanying! Glad the ENT checked out OK... hey, I'm an UNCLE as of yesterday! woo hoo! talk more soon XXX

Kim said...

i'm not up to much, but I saw squill shoots peeking up from the mud today, that was nice. It's been 60's but is about to frop down to 40's again. I could use some Spring.