Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunny, but Cold

Photos of Misty, Geranium, and Clivia, taken yesterday in the morning as the sun shone through the kitchen window.

Found a place called Charlie's Closet in Guilford that will "rent" medical rehab equipment for $1. Not $1 per day, but $1 for the entire time you need it, with the agreement that you return it when you are done so others can use it. Got that tip from Freecycle WHICH I LOVE. So am going out there today to pick the things up: a commode, a bar that attaches to the tub, and a walker. Am also going to buy some chain to hang my porch swing between two trees, and my neighbor Chris will attach it for me, as well as install a handrail on my front porch. I offered to pay him, but he said we'll barter. He's so great.

Did you know that if you take the online Defensive Driving course that your insurance company may lower your rates? I use Geico, and since my friend had a fender bender when he used my car in December, and I had one previously, my rate went up over $100/year. But I took the course, passed it, and my rate is now reduced by $86 a year for three years. The online course was long, but doable, and I passed the test at the end with a 96% score.

My back door neighbors have been taking out my trash barrel and recycling for me, without my even asking them to. T. is going to plant a raised flower bed this spring, and I will give her parts of all my perennials in my Edgerton garden so she won't have to spend a lot of money on new plants. It will make me happy to give them to her, as I will probably be giving up my plot in the next year or so, as I plan my move out of the Northeast. I'll know where they are and will likely stay for quite some time.

Went to the gym yesterday for over an hour. At some point when I was working out on the weight machines, I felt very depressed. I shook it off, and made a couple of appointments with trainers for next week. I was so tired when I came home I had to take a nap.

There were a bunch of "wellness" vendors there for the day, which I think were all focussing on weight loss (what else?!?! makes me so mad . . .), but I noticed one for the VNA (Visiting Nurse Association), and CPAP (that awful sleep apnea machine I can't get myself to use). I had useful conversations with both of them. Am gonna try to find a CPAP support group. Of course if I could lose enough weight perhaps I wouldn't need it, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so I HAVE TO USE THE MACHINE for now. Whaaaaaaa. But perhaps I would have sleep apnea even if I were thin. I've always been tired and had low energy. Oh, man . . . .


dale said...

That photo of Misty is cool.

Anonymous said...


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LA said...

Smith, who are you?