Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sexism is Alive

So I went to the fitness center yesterday, and connected to it is a day spa/salon.
The salon had a sign outside, part of which read "Women's haircuts, $45," "Men's haircuts, $25." Well, me being me, I couldn't leave that one unchallenged.

I went in and had the following conversation with the woman behind the counter (WBC):

Me: Do you see how short my hair is?

WBC: Yes.

Me: Would you still charge me $45 to cut it?

WBC: Yes.

Me: Is that because I have a vagina and not a penis?

WBC: Well, we wash, cut, and blowdry the hair.

Me: And you don't do that with men?

WBC: Yes, we do.

Me: Your policy is highly discriminatory, and I will never come here, and I will tell my friends not to come here.

And I walked out. And went for a swim and a soak in the whirlpool hot tub.
Had dinner with M & S last night. Nice hot fire in the fireplace, and good conversation as usual. Brought "The Black Stallion" for them to watch. S. is going to learn "You've Got A Friend," to play on the piano, and her friend will sing it, for the 4th grade talent show.

Got a $25 gift card from Rite Aid for transferring one of my prescriptions there.
Was very sleepy all day, even tho the weather was near 40 and supposed to get even warmer tomorrow. When I get back from Florida, spring shall have sprung.


Max in the Hague said...

You're so good about leaving nothing unsaid! i get frustrated with hair places but for more superficial reasons: I ask them to do one thing, and they either do something else without telling me, or tell me it's not possible! more soon, xxx

j. pluecker said...

you tell em! that's ridiculous.