Friday, May 02, 2008


This is the one of the 2 stained glass windows from my old house, photo taken in my current front yard. Imagine it horizontal hanging in my current home's front windows. I took the window to the woodworker this morning, and he's gonna do the job, for a reasonable price. I think I would have even paid an unreasonable price.

S. was here for a sleepover last night, as her mom was away. I picked her up from school, then we went to get "night crawlers" for my garden, those big fat worms my dad used to find in our back yard with a flashlight at night, to use as bait for fishing. $2/dozen. I got four dozen. Then we went to the community garden and put the worms in the soil in my allotment. I had purchased several new herbs for the herb garden, which we also planted: gotu kola, herba buena, a kind of vining eucalyptus, stevia, and lemon thyme. Then home, dinner, watched a Wishbone video and craved for Bindi those cute hats that Wishbone wears as Robin Hood in the movie, R & F came over briefly, then reading stories, then me singing songs, then me telling made-up stories, till I finally said to S., time to fall asleep. She was out like a light.

Woke up at 5.30am, got up, S. got up shortly after, so we just got our stuff together and I took her to school for 8.00am. Had an ENT appt. and the doc scared me to death about this tongue thingie. She was very upset I hadn't come back to see her sooner, tried to stick some tube down my nose to my throat to see what this tumor was up to, I freaked out, sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. So instead of all that she has ordered an MRI to see how it has changed or not. It was very upsetting. I'm exhausted. Going over to R & F's now.

Had a dream last night about my mother. A photo of her was in an old newspaper or magazine, when she was a teenager maybe. The date was 1924. Was that the year she was born? Someone in my family was speaking badly about her as we looked at the photo, and I lashed out defending her.


kim said...

Did you have your tongue biopsied? I was thinking you had the *whatever* removed ... I'm sorry she upset you, but glad you have a plan to see what's up with it.

the window is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

that's just what i was about to say...shouldn't you have a biopsy? this is really worrying, and i'm so sorry, wish i were there to give you a big hug, sweetie!
please let me know how things are evolving, and fingers crossed!
i'm going to a silly conference in Oslo in a few days, wish i were coming to see you instead, there would be no me pretending i know what i'm saying and listening to others pretending...have to run to university now:(
i miss you

Anonymous said...

The window is indeed so beautiful. It will look lovely in your housel It seems to me that the light coming through it might be really thrilling.

Tubes in noses!!! Going down to who knows where?!! You got my vote for the freaking out/sobbing part. What do doctors think we are made of--car parts?