Friday, May 16, 2008


Having some new folks come clean the house today. Then appt. with benefits office to talk retirement options. M. and A. will come with. Then to 116 Crown with R & F, for R's birthday. We'll go see the new Narnia movie after, Prince Caspian I think.

Worked in the house gardens here considerably yesterday. Even though I am renting, I still need to have gardens and dirt I can play in, and beautify. I'm trying not to spend too much money on plants and soil amendments, but enough to throw color and form into the mix. The lawn here is so damaged that creating a focal point of flowering plants will make up for the less than attractive lawn.

I bought a small bed for the cats, and Camilla has claimed it and now isn't sleeping with me!! Whaaa! I've put it up on a wicker hamper so she wont' be harassed by Bindi, and now she treats it as her throne. Misty is throwing up pretty consistently now when she eats too much too fast. I have to give her very small portions several times a day. The next round of doctors' appointments will be vets.

I'm tired.


kim said...

I'm tired, too.

I hope the retirement options meeting works out well, with good options!

dale said...

Right at this moment, I'm not too tired. I could use something to drink, though. These granola bars are making me thirsty!

Anonymous said...

Is tomorrow your surgery day? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, sweetie, and I'll be there in spirit!
lots of love,

rachel said...

Hey Linda--Glad you're up and about. Enjoy this sunny breezy day. Want company over the weekend sometime? We are going to a picnic/BBQ on Monday--you can come too if you want.