Thursday, May 15, 2008



Tongue surgery on Monday. M. came with me to the pre-op surgeon appt. yesterday. R. came with me to the pre-op exam with the pcp on Monday. Y. was with me for the awful MRI last Friday night. Sis is coming on Sunday, blessed be. MRI was normal, thankfully. Surgeon thinks the tongue thingie is fairly superficial but won't know till she starts cutting. Uck. Told me to bring a cd for the OR. Should I take Nilsson's THE POINT, or Glenn Gould's A STATE OF WONDER, playing the Goldberg Variations? Or something else. I will be able to hear it unconsciously, I'm told.

After taking Y. to the train this morning, I took myself to Bread and Chocolate for one of their delicious raisin scones and a latte. Then I drove across the street to Lucien's, a florist/plant rental/interior landscaping business that was crazy beautiful and interesting. And they were SO nice. Had dinner at Midori last night with R & F, very good Korean/Japanese food, not too far from my house. THEY are so friendly, too. They know me by name now. Went to M's for the yearly May Day ritual, which is so sweet. We ate strawberries, little cakes, whipped cream, ice cream, and five young girls and R. wove the May Pole ribbons into it's chaotic and perfect pattern. M. has been doing this ritual for her daughters for 18 years now.

Y. and I went up to Northampton last Saturday, she to visit an old professor, and me to just hang about. We saw in the sky up there what we could only define as some kind of "northern lights." A glow of pink and green and yellow light in the clouds, kind of streaking/blending among them. It hadn't been raining, it didn't look like a rainbow, and yet was of course some kind of refracted light show. We were both entranced and in awe. I wonder if there is something geographic about the valley up there that produces such things.

The cyclone in Burma. The earthquake in China. The tornadoes in the Midwest. Uck. I can't bear to read the newspaper or watch the news these days. Way too much pain.

Photo is S's table in Naples. Mandala, of course.

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Anonymous said...

The world does seem pretty messed up right now. And on top of the natural disaster in Myanmar, its government isn't allowing aid to come in?... It's all so depressing and demoralizing. But, on a more positive note, it sounds like you've had some excellent company the past few days, as Monday approaches.
You'll be in my thoughts.
Sending love,