Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dandy Lion Picker

Have been obsessively pulling the dandelion blooms off the plant part itself so that they do not go to seed and proliferate. It's something my dad used to do in our yard growing up, and everywhere else in the world where he would see that yellow flower. Don't want to put too much effort into this beat up lawn here, but it's a kind of meditation to walk around the yard and pluck the golden headed monsters. In the fall is the time to apply corn gluten onto the lawn to prevent reseeding of dandelions the next spring, the organic way to handle them. I've got some poison ivy on the perimeter of the yard which I have to deal with, I guess with RoundUp which is not organic, but seems to be the only thing that works. Sorry, well water. Sorry, body.

Dream last night: I am travelling on a bus in Europe with a friend, not sure who, I called her Rachel, but she looked more like someone from my childhood. We stopped at a train station, but then were supposed to get back on the bus. I couldn't find Rachel, and asked the bus driver if he would wait a couple of minutes until I could locate her. He said yes, a couple of minutes. I went frantically searching, did not find her, went back to where the bus was, and it was gone, taking my luggage, my money, my passport, all my credit cards, and Bindi, all of which I had left on the bus. I was hysterical. Then I was in a hotel room or something, and I hear this wimpering at the door, and find Bindi, transformed into my previous cat Chiquita, who had returned with a very bad wound on her leg. I began to try to find the number of the Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine so I could take her there, but could not find the number, and just went. They were very busy. The attendant said, this cat is dead, I said, no no no, she's not, and truly, she was not, her heartbeat was still strong. They took her in and it seemed immediately that she was returned to me, with a bandaged leg, and x-rays done, and not as bad as I had feared.

These are the kind of dreams I have been having. Every night. All versions of anxiety.

My friend Y., Sri Lankan, but living in Australia, is showing up tonight to visit for a few days. I've been trying to clean and clear, esp. the guest room, but I need help, and I could not get my usual person to come assist. So not everything will get done. Considering my foot pain, knee pain, tongue pain, mental pain, and general fatique, I guess it's amazing I get anything done at all.

Planted some caladium bulbs, and will put the morning glory seeds in the ground today, which have been soaking overnight. That is supposed to make them germinate faster.
The photo is of a cherry tree outside my bedroom window. It appears to be a weeping cherry and a regular white cherry grafted together a long time ago, and it is very strange looking. Kind of like this whole house, it is a glom of various parts stuck together, but somehow manages to still be charming.

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kim said...

I'm sorry for the ongoing anxiety dreams, pains, and fatigue. I've been fatigued this Spring, too. It makes it hard to function.

I need to go weed my garlic mustard - far more aggressive than my dandelions.

I was going to say something else, too, but forgot.