Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Saw Dr. Artemis yesterday, and whatever she did made it a bit easier for me to speak. She gave me some powders and tinctures for my gastrointestinal health and immune boosters, etc. And she did some cranialsacral hands-on therapy.

I have an appt. with the oncologist on Monday. M. is picking me up shortly for a visit to the surgeon.

Camilla has come back to sleep with me some. She still loves her new bed, but esp. when it is cool at night she comes back to cuddle with me.

I'm trying to be patient, with myself and others. I'm not planning on any great cancer insights. Just another in the long line of people who have to deal with this crap. My house back here in sort of the woods is a good place to heal, so quiet, so many birds. There was some fight at dawn outside the window, I don't know if it was racoons or 'possums or something else. Not cats, for sure. But loud.


Anonymous said...

You know, I was thinking how hard it must be, that on top of everything that's happening to you right now, you must also strive to be patient and positive! That must take up a lot of additional energy, and it just feels unfair that there should be SO MUCH MORE you have to do on top of not being able to speak properly etc.!
That cranial surgery sure sounds complicated, but also like something I'd probably be trying as well if I had to...I hope it works!
Are you already with your family?
How was the flight?
ARe you taking Bindiloo as well?
I miss you.
lots and lots of love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant cranial therapy...I've just re-read my comment...brrr...sorry...:(((