Sunday, May 25, 2008


So the thing on my tongue was cancerous. Hasn't sunk in yet, too many pain meds. Prognosis: curable. Don't know how I want to blog about this yet, if at all.

My garden of friends has been stellar; I decided I needed a lot of support, so I emailed everyone. Some people may choose to be very private about such a matter, but I feel inclined to be just the opposite. I need to not feel alone, I need to feel cared about right now. Uh oh, that's gonna make me cry, so I'm out of here.

4.30 pm

Just got back from the new Indiana Jones movie with R & F. I thought it was awful, but perhaps that was just the pain killers numbing me out.

Am making some boiled potatoes to mix with butter and milk and a little yogurt for more sustenance. Bought organic baby food. Yuk. I'm hungry.

K & S and Momo came over for a doggie romp which was great fun.

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kim said...

Glad to hear you're up and about doing things, even if you didn't enjoy the movie. Dale and I saw it yesterday and really enjoyed it.

Love you lots!