Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Two sensory memories from last night, I think it's the percoset. Nasty little drug. Remember those soapy licorice-y tasting tiny grey squares called Sen-Sen? That one, and then some lemon cologne from many years ago, very specific, but I can't remember the name. Memorial day.

Stayed low all day. C & D came over for a while; they took my huge hibiscus tree outside for me, and put her in the shade. They brought me peach sorbet but sugary foods are still too irritating. They will plant the seedlings that P. left for me in the community garden.

Trying to figure out how to get to the naturopath today. Thought I would be able to drive myself, but not on these chemicals.


kim said...

Sorry the drugs are messing with you, I hope you're able to get to the Naturopath. And to enjoy peach sorbet, soon.

Anonymous said...

My sweet, what a gorgeous birthday card I got from you! All those little details! The beagles in a basket! The rainbows! The girls in the forest! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

I wish I were there, even though I don't have a driver's licence...so i'd be pretty much useless that way! But you'll be visiting your family soon, so hopefully that'll lift your spirits!

I'm thinking of you and praying that you'll get well soon!