Friday, October 03, 2008

How To Cure Boredom

Step 1. Get two medium size rocks and a length of 30 lb test fishing line.

Step 2. Tie one rock to each end of the fishing line.

Step 3. Determine a strong branch on a tree in your yard.

Step 4. Throw one end of the fishing line attached to one of the rocks over the pre-determined branch, allowing the other end attached to the other rock to function as a counter weight.

Step 5. Untie the rocks from each end of the fishing line, and tie the two free ends of the fishing line together. Adjust the height so that the item in the next step can easily be hung from the line.

Step 6. Fill the already purchased 1/2 price bird feeder with seed and hang from the dangling line.

Step 7. Admire your handiwork and praise yourself for inheriting such genes of ingenuity.

Step 8. Wait twenty minutes and enjoy the birds feasting from your feeder, the squirrels eating the crumbs falling below, the cat chasing the squirrels, and the dog barking at everything.

Step 9. Notice that you are no longer bored.


Anonymous said...

yay! boredom begone! I've realized alot of my anti-boredom activities have involved what I thought were boring things, like cleaning out old junk! but these days, omg it gets me so motivated! hahaha

Erin said...

Sadly, I did not inherit the ingenuity gene. Instead I got the one that makes me whine about how I'd need a ladder and then go back to being bored. Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and accomplishing your project!

I'd hang a feeder but I'm pretty sure all I'd get would be squirrels and then Trinka's head would explode.

Kim said...

Hm, I'm not related to Erin by genes but I have the same gene she has.

I need to put my feeders back up, had to remove them for tree removal.