Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Just and Fair

Although I have not be obsessing about gay marriage like many others have, I am proud that Connecticut has now legalized it. Now, on to other very important issues for the lgbt communities.

Today K. and I met at the dog park for some Bindi and Elvy bonding. Not so much. But as usual there were many great lookin' dogs around, and Bindi got lots of exercise running with those she deemed to be worthy of her effort. Elvy stayed pretty close to mom.

We went to Starbucks for coffee then back to my house where K. hung out while I put a coat of primer on my bare wood front steps. We had a conversation about why it is that some of us can complete tasks only when someone else is around. K. suggested is might be connected with having ADD, although we are not exactly sure how. If a task is not fully engaging at the outset, some of us can be completely motivated if another person is present, even if they are not helping, which K. did not, except to keep an eye on the dogs. Elvy was playing with some of Bindi's toys and balls, Bindi was on her tie-out line, and Elvy turned into a confident, playful dog. For her, being motivated to be more relaxed and expansive had to do with the alpha dog, Bindi, being tied up, or perhaps Elvy was just distracted by toys that she really really liked. Anyway, it was kind of fascinating all the way around. Tomorrow I will put a coat of paint on the porch and it will be ready for the winter weather.

Yesterday morning my cleaning person came and completed washing the windows in the house. Now they are all clean and sparkling. I'll be putting plastic over some of them because the heating bills were so high last year. Clean washed windows make a significantly nicer difference in how much light comes into the house, and looking outside is clearer and more enjoyable.

I then had lunch with my friend G. at a favorite Turkish restaurant, followed by a visit to the dentist, and then to the bank to put some money into a 4% seven month cd.

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Max in the Hague said...

Go Connecticut! I just hope they don't overturn it...

about accomplishing things with other people around and ADD... I've found that to be the case with me all the way... Yesterday I sat here doing work on my computer that I had been putting off, and I was chatting with a friend online the whole time... for like 2 hours of work! I got it done, after having procrastinated forever this past week! how strange...

talk soon