Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just put a banana bread in the oven. Can't even remember the last time I made one of those, but with four bananas stinking up the kitchen and Alton Brown's online recipe (which I kimodified by using brown instead of white sugar, and vanilla instead of almond extract), and motivation fueled by cleaning my foyer, in one hour I'll be in dessert heaven.

Power was out in Hamden all day yesterday, even the businesses. It was weird to see everything closed when it should have all been open. Woke up to no power, went out for breakfast in the next town which is on a different electricity delivery system, then to the movies, then came home, still no power, but a message from M. that I should come to dinner with her friends, so I did. Yum.

After dinner, I took the three kids and two adults in my car for ice cream, and found a chocolate ice cream stain on the passenger side seat when I got home, which I had to treat two times before it came out. Glad it wasn't worse than it was. I've got to spray that new car with Scotch guard right away. Funny thing is, it was an adult who sat in the front seat who left the stain! I mean, I hope it was chocolate. I'm pretty sure it was. Shout out to Max in the Hague with that one, ha ha.

Saw "The Secret Life of Bees" at the cinema one-too-many today with a group, then we ate in the food court of the mall where the theatre was. I liked the movie very much, very intense and compelling, and full of compassion and emotion. Haven't read the book. Can I just say I HATE MALLS! They feel like soul-less buildings to me, which is why I prefer to shop in smaller places, even if I have to pay more. I know in some places malls are the only option for shopping, which is a shame, but I HATE THEM!!

Bindi has an odd little bump on her ear, don't know what it is. When I take Misty for her shots, I'll take Bindi and have it checked out.

Went to see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" again on Saturday with D. and her ten year old son N. I liked it just as much the second time. D. thought it was the first time I had seen it, I was laughing so much. Shout out to my brother: take the kids, it's fun! And one of the main characters looks like Bindi! There's very little about the Beverly Hills pampered pet syndrome (although the costumes are hysterical, and I mean the ones on the dogs) and much more about adventure and finding out what's really important. And with the voices of Andy Garcia, Cheech Marin, George Lopez, PLACIDO DOMINGO as Montezuma, Edward James Olmos, Paul Rodriguez, I mean Come On! It's worth the price just for that!

I watched "There Will Be Blood" on DVD last week, and thought it was excellent. I've always been a Daniel Day-Lewis fan, and he did not disappoint. I thought it was gonna be more bloody than it was, but it was not, although the main character was ruthless. I never know if these types of movies are in any way historically accurate, but if it did portray a realistic story of early American oil barons, that part was intriguing.


kim said...

We recently saw friends who live in SE Asia and they were laughing about how they have much fewer power outages than we do here in our town. And our power went out the day after we saw them. Crazy.

How did the banana bread turn out?

Sorry about the stain in the car, glad you 1.) got it out and 2.) don't have to worry about the 'first stain' any longer, your car has been initiated. The first stain is the hardest, I'm sure.

dale said...

Maybe I'll rent BHC when it's out on DVD. Maybe.

Max in the Hague said...

auto stains, OH the stories I could tell! you'll have to remind me next time we talk...

Yeah, power outages, i was just talking to my mom who had one in New Jersey for 2.5 hours. She asked if they ever have outages in Holland. With the modern dikes and mills, if the power goes out, the country floods completely within 42 hours... SO, during my 6 years here, I've witnessed a whopping ZERO power outages! it CAN be done!

Ilia said...

Wow Linda, you're starting to make me want to see the movie... ;)

How did your bread turn out? Sounds really good.

KH said...

I'm investing, again, in an old fashioned Coleman stove; Spring Glen Hardware has white gas in stock. No disposeable propane cans; the old pump camp stove. Power may go out, but I wanna eat.