Monday, October 20, 2008

First Frost

Good thing I brought in the houseplants from outside last night. Not an easy job. They're all still in the foyer right now, and I have to spray them with horticultural oil to kill any insects that might be on them, wash off the pots, and determine the best windows for the appropriate light for each. Glad I got the windows washed as that will allow more light in, better for the flora.
Love old barn doors. This one was in Cheshire over the weekend.

Beautiful Elvy wrapped in K's shawl at the winery on Friday afternoon. Notice the unusual and lovely pin.

Driving yesterday this car was in front of me. Couldn't help but notice the license plate. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the person/woman driving it was bald, so likely a cancer survivor.

K. and Elvy at the dog park. Elvy is a Parson Jack Russell terrier.

More beautiful dahlias from the community garden. This frost last night probably finished them off.


Ilia said...

First frost? We've had a lot of frosts already.

I thought the license plate said "surveyor" at first, but then again it could very well be "survivor".

Beautiful flowers!

kim said...

Oh, I thought that license plate said "Surveyor"

My sister took some beautiful first frost pix on her flickr site ...

LA said...

Yeah, maybe it does mean "surveyor." One sees what one wants to see . . .

Max in the Hague said...

great pictures! no frost here yet... but the weather is getting more and more wintery... in the weekend I was eating my breakfast at 11am and looked at the sun and thought "why does it look like it's 4PM?"