Saturday, October 18, 2008


Good news. I've been approved for social security disability benefits! So now I can formally retire with full benefits from Jale in December!! And M. has already offered to throw me a combo birthday/retirement party! Then I can get my knees done. Oh, that kind of sucks.

But I'm moving closer to beginning the first day of the rest of my life! And severing my ties with that awful employer.

Leaving soon to go see "W" with friends, then out for Thai food. I hit a few tag sales today and people were so cold outside they were practically giving stuff away. I got $53 worth of stuff for seven bucks. Yesterday I was interviewed for a couple of hours by a woman doing a book on the women's movement in New Haven in the 1970s, then K. and Elvy and Bindi and I went back to Gouveia vineyards and had wine and snacks outside while other customers swooned over our baby girldogs. They are getting along much better after a rocky first meeting. We then went to a new place for pizza near me, which was very good. Whole wheat thin crust with white sauce, onions, peppers, fresh tomato, and garlic. Yum. And the rest of the wine.

Have made plans to have a friend visit whom I haven't seen in 30 years. He left the U.S. then, moved to Ireland, has done dance, art, music, etc., became a citizen there, and is now coming back here for a visit. I'm kind of blown away. Here is his website:

I asked my shrink about how having someone around helps me complete tasks, and she said she has heard others with ADD talk about that same thing, so apparently there is a connection.


Erin said...

Very exciting news!

And yummy pizza and wine sounds so fabulous right about now.

Max in the Hague said...

good to hear! some of it may be a pain (literally and figuratively) at first, but it's all heading in a good direction, I'd say! ;-)
talk soon

kim said...

Congrats on the benefits, what a blessing to be able to retire with all you have worked for.

Let us know if you "make it in" to the published book! How exciting just to be interviewed!

jp said...

felicidades! that is great news. now on to new exciting futures...

Anonymous said...

"Something" made me check your blog tonight. Congratulations my friend-retirement from "Jale". Smiling and so happy for you here in CA. See you really soon, L. Love-Jim