Sunday, November 02, 2008

Busy Week

If I don't blog, I can't remember what I do.
Then, when people ask, my mind goes blank
short term memory being what it is.

Monday with the oncologist
who said PET/CT scans are fine
Then a client.

I was approved for social security benefits
which will be deducted from the
long term disability benefits.
Now I can retire in December with
full pension and health care.
Good news, just more paperwork
to take care of.

Tuesday the yoga class
direct no frills friendly
stretching. My knees protest.

Wednesday, two clients.

Thursday, to the vet with Misty and Bindi,
both are fine, Misty will need to have her
teeth cleaned in six months. She was behind
on her vaccinations so had three in three
different places which she was not fond of.

On the way back I ran out of gas.
My cell phone battery was dead. Had to
walk up the road and ask some utility
guy to use his phone, then had to
wait over an hour for the roadside assistance.
Was almost late for yoga, but did not.
I only considered blowing it off for a
second, but I WANTED TO GO.

Lost my walking cane. The second one that
has disappeared on me. I posted a need for another
on Freecycle, but no bites. Saw a woman in the
coffee shop with a sleek cane made by Leki, wonder
if something like that will work for me.

Friday morning a visit to the surgeon, who said
everything looked fine, but that the tightness and
places under my tongue where food now gets lodged
will remain. Small price to pay, I think, for her
saying I "had" cancer, but no longer do. The radiation
is far enough behind me now that I feel pretty well
physically. Raking leaves.

Friday afternoon my friend Kalichi arrived, I picked
him up at the train station and we went to
Edgewood Park. We had not seen one another
in 30 years, but the friendship was still intact.
A gold tree and a bright coral tree were neon
against the blue blue sky, we sat on a bench in the warm
autumn sun
as Bindi chased geese grazing near the small polluted pond.

Back to my house, I made dinner, we
yakked and yakked and read Rumi to one another
from a book he had brought me as a gift.

Saturday I took him back into town to meet
another friend and then went with Bindi to
the community garden where I cut back
plants for the winter, pulled the last
of the carrots, and let Bindi wander amidst
the browning foliage in all the plots.

Back at the house, my doorbell rang,
and the neighbors had come over
to introduce me to Rosie, their 3 1/2 month old
airedale puppy. "Oh no you di'nt!" I exclaimed,
and B. said, "Yes we did!" Beautiful creature, Bindi
took to her right away. She's not RJ, but she will
hopefully bring joy to a house that was feeling such
sorrow from RJ no longer being there. They are also
talking about getting another puppy in December.

Today K. and I took Elvy and Bindi to get
their nails cut, Elvy's first time, she
was so good. Then a quick stop at the vineyard
for K. to pick up wine for an upcoming dinner,
then back to her house for supper of free range roast chicken
winter squash and chard,
and some HD tv surfing. Very nice day.


Ilia said...

You certainly have had a busy week! I will begin to have busy weeks starting... this week, it seems. I hadn't thought it was so soon. But with my concerts and things coming up, I have a lot of rehearsals.


Kim said...

Being able to say "I HAD cancer" is a wonderful thing.

I forget my week, too, if I don't post it. But then again, there's not usually a lot of exciting things to remember.