Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Listening to election results on CNN. Will turn on John Stewart and Stephen Colbert at 10pm. Too nervous to go to bed. Took a bath with some lovely herbal bath salts that Dr. Artemis makes. Felt good. Another busy day. Stayed on the computer for a while going back and forth with messages to my niece Em. That was fun. Raked leaves for a while. Dug up the canna corms. Went out to Robi's, who will be hosting Bindi while I'm in California. She's a dog trainer, and man, are her dogs well behaved. She has Peeve, a smash-faced Boston terrier, and Achilles, a gorgeous doberman, who's a big mush. Bindi got along well with both of them. Then I went to Agway and bought dog food (Solid Gold Wee-Bits for small dogs), then to Page Hardware. The first 100 people who came in with an "I Voted Today" sticker and their coupon got a $25 gift card. There was a looooooooooong line, and I didn't make the 100 cut. Oh well. Went to Hole in the Wall thrift shop and found a metal adjustable walking cane, and a picture frame for a print I've been wanting to frame forever. Then I went to pick up another cane from someone who read my ad for one on Freecycle; now I have two. That makes me feel better. One for home and one for the car. If I lose one of them, I'll have a backup. Tomorrow, a visit to a new knee surgeon.


Ilia said...

Em loves talking to you, I can tell you that!

Miss you and hope to see you sometime soon!


kim said...

oh, good news on the new cane and back-up cane!

When are you going to CA?

Hope the new knee surgeon visit goes well! Is this a 2nd opinion or a change of direction or ... ??