Saturday, November 08, 2008


This is my friend Kalichi who visited me last weekend. He encouraged me to try the guitar, which I had been considering for some time, and today I had my first lesson, with a Russian teacher named Yuri, who came to my house. It wasn't as awful as I was anticipating, and I think the classical guitar is a good choice to begin with.

Now I have to buy a guitar, but Yuri told me what to get.

This is Techung, a Tibetan musician whom I saw perform on Friday evening at a small intimate venue with a small audience. Also, Roop Verma (below) performed on the sitar, and I can only attribute my good sleep that night to hearing both of these amazing musicians share their talent. Or maybe I've just been raking too many leaves, and I was exhausted. I met my friend Geeta there and it was great to see her.

This is Bindi with Peeve, at Robi's house. Peeve is a Boston terrier. I think Bindi will get along well with them both.

Bindi at rest.

Achilles, the doberman who lives with Peeve and Robi, where Bindi will stay when I am in California.

Today I went out to R & R's and made them lunch while they were working on the house. Endlessly.

Yesterday I took Camilla back to the vet to get blood drawn in order to check her thyroid levels, since she has been on the new medication. $275! I finally asked the tech why they were so expensive, and she said that they do not give the labs as much work as vets who do both cats and dogs and other animals (this vet only does cats) so they don't get the volume discounts that other vets get.

M & S came for dinner on Thursday night, and S. brought her rubber stamps, and I got out some of mine, and she made some nice drawings using both sets. I'd forgetten I have so many rubber stamps.

If anyone has a copy of the 5 November 2008 issue of The New York Times, it is now worth a great deal of money. Go to and check it out. Historic value.
Went to three church holiday fairs yesterday. Ate a sandwich called "Thanksgiving on a Bun," turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce on a roll. Quite tasty. Found a couple of interesting crafts for gifts.
Talked with my neighbor about Rosie's crying. He said Rosie is a "whiner," but said it was fine for me to let myself into the house and play with her, so I felt much better about that.


Kim said...

That last picture reminds me of the horrible doberman that lived down the street from me, growing up.

Playing guitar is something I hope to do, someday ... not at this stage, though. I hope you enjoy your lessons!

Max in the Hague said...

Yay guitar! sounds like a great idea! the pictures look really nice too.

Ilia said...

I tried guitar once (months and months ago) and I didn't really like it... but I hope you have fun, because it is fun to play!!

When are you leaving for California?