Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Puppy Won't Stand Still!

Foot doctor. He doesn't know what the bump on the inside of my right foot is, but xrays show moderate arthritis in that foot. Great.

Novice Theory. The performance name of a student I knew while he was at Jale, graduated two years ago. Saw him perform last Wednesday in the living room of one of the residential colleges and was blown away. His talent, poetry, passion, originality made me cry. One of the best performances I have ever seen. http://www.novicetheory.com/

Old friend. Connected with another old friend from the early 1970s. Had tea with her last week. She's a writer, as is her husband. It was a very nice visit. She has had cancer twice, and now doesn't drive at all. Her house was lovely. Odd to catch up with someone after 30 years.

Nov. 13, 8pm--Bregamos Community Theater: Trans Plantations, one-woman show by playwright and screenwriter Janis Astor del Valle; directed by Carolyn Kirsch. Bregamostheater@aol.com. The actor performed an autobiographical work on being a Bronx born Latina, who moved to rural CT; the culture shock, the racism. Too dark to be considered white, too light skinned to be considered fully Latina. Alienation. Was held in the auditorium of a K-8 school, in a predominantly Latino part of town. Besides the director, I think I was the only white person in the audience. The Q & A after the show was intriguing.

Should get my first retirement check at the end of this month. I am retired. Re-tired. Tired, again. Re-tred. Ire. Red. Attire. Re-tried. Try again. Has not yet sunk in. I feel this pressure to fill my days with meaningful activity, whereas when I was working there was little choice involved, I just had to do what had to be done. All the doors are wide open now. Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. Loss. Loosed. Let loose. Lost. Found. Find. Find the loose ends. Weave them.

Rosie. Looked out my window on Friday morning and she was in her front yard, loose, milling around the front door of her house. No one was home. Bindi and I went over. She had managed to pull her head out of her collar that was on a tie out lead. I put the collar back on, and brought her over to my house, where she and Bindi played for a while. Bindi is less comfortable with bigger dogs now, likes smaller dogs like Elvy and Momo. I called C & B and told them what happened, suggested they get a harness instead of a collar, as Rosie cannot get out of a harness.

K. came over for dinner Saturday night. Salmon, rice pilaf, salad, broccoli, carrots from the garden. She brought home made pumpkin pie with a nut crust. Yum. We watched "To Kill a Mockingbird," her favorite movie. I hadn't seen it in decades. There is a LOT going on in that film.

I had watched "Michael Clayton" myself, with George Clooney. Definitely worth a view.

Went to five church holiday bazaars on Saturday morning, and a found a few really wonderful things, including a working Olympus digital camera, a D-560 I think, for one buck. These photos of Rosie and Bindi were taken with that.

Left my cane at Agway today, and had to go back and get it. It was still sitting in the shopping cart. Good thing I now have backups.


kim said...

Looks like a nice camera, judging from the pictures!

Erin said...

A camera for $1? How about that!

Rosie looks like a beautiful and sweet dog. I really hope her owners start to do right by her. You're such a wonderful person for watching out for her. Not everyone would.