Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rosh Hashanah

Happy New Year. 5769, according to the Jewish calendar. During Rosh Hashanah, it is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey, to symbolize our hopes for a "sweet" new year. I was in the natural food store getting some things, and saw native McCoun apples, which are my favorite, but I passed them up fearing I could not taste their goodness and delectable flavor. So got Annie's boxed shells and cheese, and ate that for dinner with some steamed broccoli and carrots. Mild flavor, but not offensive, as fruit has been when I've tried to eat it.

Talked to sis on the phone yesterday and today after her surgery. She is pretty out of it, but complained that her med lines shut down today for some reason and it took way too long to get them hooked up again, so she was in considerable pain. I hate that, and feel for her. She said the physical therapist already had her up out of bed today, which freaks me out completely, but I guess that's the protocol. She did say her hospital had soy milk on the menu, unlike the one I was in. I guess they're hipper in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Anyway, I wish I was with her. But her hubby is there and I know he will take good care of her.

Mutt Strutt was kind of lame, cause it was so wet and kind of drizzly. But we went for an hour, and did the Parade of Rescues, and Bindi had her photo taken a couple of times by people who thought she was just the cutest. We got doggie/human free five minute massages, which was nice. I held still more than my doggie.

Ok, so I'm worried about my 401K and stuff. Have an appt. with the TIAA-CREF people next month to get some advice.

Mosquitos have been nastily abundant with all the rain. Did you ever try Buzz Off? Works pretty well, and all natural, or so it says.

Bindi's pal R.J. across the street has been feeling poorly. We hope he recovers soon.

I bore myself with my blog.


dale said...

"I bore myself with my blog."????

What does that mean? At least you write stuff. My blog is moldy.

kim said...

I used to blog ....

Max in the Hague said...

I was blogging until I realized it was more about the photos for me! ;-)

I WANT to blog more, I just don't want to upload all those damned photos! hahaha