Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mouse Poo

Mouse poo? Mouse poo?!?!?! Mouse friggin' poo on my computer table!! No no no, no more poo, I am pooed out!!! I will not allow any more poo any other place than where it is supposed to be. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!! I can't take one more turd from a non human creature crapping up my space. That's it!! I'm getting corks for all the poo orifices of any animal entering my domain. DOGS/CATS/MICE BE WARNED! This is not a joke! You think I'm kidding? You think I'm kidding? Just wait, just you wait. Just try me. I can find mouse sized orifice corks. I CAN FIND ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET!! And don't give me that lame excuse that you can't read. You better bloody well learn to read asap, cause this is your first and only warning. Ask my friends -- you don't wanna mess with me.

And I just got back from the vet with a bill for $407 for Camilla, the supreme poop queen of the castle. And she might have some kind of thyroid problem. She's losing weight, she is scratching her face, and the vet thought he felt a nodule on her thyroid gland, and an arhythmia in her heartbeat. I like this vet a lot but $407? That's just nuts!

Good news: yesterday was my last radiation treatment.


dale said...

I hate poo too. I hope you find a solution to your poo problem.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mice -

You do not want to mess with her. She's serious. Take your poop outside like good little mice.



Kim said...

YAY on the last radiation treatment! I was thinking about that just this morning, and was going to ask when it was! May your tastes return quickly!

I hate poo, too. Even more than that I hate the thought of mice in the house. Can't the vet make the cats catch the mice?

Max in the Hague said...

I ALSO say YAY for the last radiation treatment!

Poo... what to do?

It reminds me of my friend working for the UN in Tanzania. She doesn't have poo problems, but DOES have rodent problems. Rats made a nest in the airconditioner of her jeep! Every night they try to smoke them out! Adventure.

and now I think corks are funny! Rodents beware!


Anonymous said...

Can you find corks small enough to put in their tiny little poo orifices!!??

Last radiation--time to celebrate with a stick of yummy celery.


jp said...

wow, talking about poo reals in the comments!! haha! no but you made me laugh a lot with that little story.

and yes, thanks the goddess or spirit or universe that your last treatment is done.

Max in the Hague said...

i couldn't help but comment AGAIN... why are all my friends blogging about animal poo this week? Is it campaign stress? the full moon? I've heard about excrement from cats, birds, mice, rats, people, and probably some others I'm forgetting. This should be world wide POO WEEK! :-) let me know who's in favor of it (or at least who's again poo!) HAHAHA