Saturday, September 20, 2008

Early Fall

A nice day at the community garden picking veggies, herbs, and flowers for the Sunday in the Park fair tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be cooperative. I've got my eye on a "squirrel proof" thistle seed bird feeder waiting to be bought at the White Elephant Sale in the Carriage House. Will get there early in hopes I can grab it for a song, bird song preferably.

Camilla had her expensive thyroid test and is indeed hyperthyroid, as was suspected by her symptoms. Another pill every day, or the one time, very expensive, radioative seed implant that I had done to one of my deceased cats, Maisie, when she got the same thing. The pills costs about $20/month, which is $240 a year, and the radioactive implant is about $1000, so if the kitty lives another five years, and I see no reason why she shouldn't (she's only about 12) it comes out to be about the same, without the hassle of giving a pill every day.

Had a long talk with sis last night, who will have double knee replacement in about a week. She gave me all the gory details, which are not pretty, but I need to know them since I am next on the list. Saw a knee doctor last week who said he would do my knees early next year, which is good, although I won't use him. I'm going to someone more experienced. Also saw the social security doctor on Thursday. A cursory physical exam, more questions asked of the type I have answered at least four times before in this process, and I think he was slightly encouraging, although I really couldn't tell. But glad to get that over with.

Funny aside: sis likes all things squirrel, and is taking one of her faves to the hospital with her. She said her husband was in the basement making a hanger wire walker for her squirrel! Cause she has to use a walker when her knees are healing , get it? Precious.

Almost two weeks since the last radiation treatment. Mouth is still breaking out inside with small fluid filled blisters, and my tastebuds are still gone. But I feel better overall.

Got a card from Yas in Australia, with a photo of the Tasmanian Devil on the front, and information about how an infectious facial cancer is wiping the animals out. They are highly endangered at this point, with little known about this strange cancer. Web photos of the cancer are very sad to see, so I've included a photo of some young healthy ones. Why is there so much cancer?

S. in Naples sent me a 30% off coupon for Ralph Lauren stores thru October 6. He is working for them now, and he said he read my blog entry where I talked about my clothes not fitting, and thought he'd help me out. How sweet is that?

My friend B. from Northampton stayed over on Wednesday night, which was really pleasant. We played Scrabble, helping one another and not keeping score, which is quite civilized.

After some internet research, bought at Agway a combination peppermint/spearmint concoction which is supposed to repel mice. We'll see. The landlord is going to put d-con in the attic and cellar. In the meantime, felines do your thing.

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dale said...

Scrabble™ with no score? How is that civilized? :-)