Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Repeat Myself

"Do I repeat myself?  Very well then, I repeat myself."  -- Walt Whitman

Many believe he was probably gay.  But the point is, if I have repeated myself in previous posts, deal with it.  Who the hell can remember what she did yesterday?!

Camilla, my 18 year old cat, who has had a years-long condition that compels her to poop outside the box, has been pooing inside the box for the past couple of days.  I can only attribute it to my own experience of having had a pretty good week.  An animal communicator said that Camilla picks up on my negativity.  If that is true, then she is reacting to my feeling more positively about things.

Dropped by to see S, J, and E today, after my massage.  E. is 87 years old or so, and I always give her a long hug when I see her.  She just melts into my arms, and says she could purr.  I think she cries a bit, as her eyes were moist after today's hug.  It is so important to be touched.  And the older one gets, it seems the less we get touched. Uck. Should be the other way around.  We know that infants die without touch.

Look at these two.  Kitten, aka Calhoun, was outside all last night as he didn't come in by the time I went to bed.  So I kept him inside today to rest.  I don't like leaving my cats out all night.  I sleep better when I know all three are safely inside, including the dog.  Calhoun and Kitten have been close since the beginning, and I love to see them snuggle.

My massage therapist gave me two long hugs today as well.  She is not afraid to hug closely.  So many people are.  Why hug if it is not body meshing into body?  It is all about connection, after all.  I've always thought, that if everyone could get a shoulder rub (or hug) every morning, there would be no war.  Tension is the universal enemy.

J. stopped by to say hello.  Haven't seen her for a long time.  Must get down to Daytona to see her and her partner.  She likes Bindi, and Kitten.

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