Sunday, November 11, 2012


Such a lovely morning at the beach with J.  We managed to get into the water a bit even tho the water was cold.  It was just so nice sitting in the sun.  I so love the winters here in the south.  Stopped at Home Depot and Target on the way home; much nicer doing errands with friends.

Bindi and I went to Daytona yesterday to visit some friends.  O. had not met Bindi before and of course wanted a dog just like her.  She wins everyone's hearts with her affection and good behavior.  We walked down the boardwalk at Daytona Beach, actually a "cement" walk now, and the smiles on the faces of people noticing Bindi were such a treat.  One woman just stopped and immediately started petting her without asking, then apologized.  She had had a chi/beagle mix and clearly recognized her own pup in Bindi.  I love my dog.  Still disappointed in my sister for not accommodating her.

Been ailing all week with a sinus infection;  started off with a nagging cough I could not control with Robitussin, or tea with honey and lemon, or cough drops.  S. suggested Nyquil and that did the trick.  Went to the doc who put me on antibiotics again.  Hope that will stave off the bronchitis that I got 3-4 times last winter.  Never had these problems in CT.  Apparently, it's not uncommon for people in the north who move here to get these conditions.  Different flora, and a continuous growing season.  Had to blow off art class, and reading to the kids this week.  Must remember to get Scooby Doo books for Desmond, who requested same.

Watching "Animall Odd Couples."  Cross-species relationships.  Deer and dog.  Coyote and lion.  Blind horse and goat.  If you don't know Temple Grandin, you should.  Brilliant professor of animal emotions.  Bindi and Calhoun were such playmates, until Calhoun made friends with Pickels, the cat next door.

I am glad Obama was reelected.  Romney would have been too cold and harsh.  Defund PBS and Planned Parenthood?  No, absolutely not.  Obama understands the hierarchy of capitalism, the reality that the rich need the poor to be rich.  He's not perfect, by any calculation.  We need more than two candidates.  But I think the country realized that fixing what's wrong will take a long time. Even Romney could not have fixed it easily.  And, in any case, Obama supports the rights of LGBT people and women.  That alone was enough to vote for him.  And FL finally decided that Obama had won.  Oh Florida . . .

Did I tell you I found a wedding gown for $5?  I had this idea to dress as Emma from "Corpse Bride" for Halloween, but did not get invited to a costume party.  But I have the dress.  I've always had a fascination with wedding gowns, for their extravagance, elegance, theatricality, romance.  I am deeply romantic in feeling, while being profoundly cynical in reality.  I so want a witness to my life, but am not at all confident about finding same.


Amusing exchange with my psychiatrist last week:

Me:  I have no intimacy.  Not sexual, just someone to share with.  I have no energy, no motivation; I'm not suicidal.  I just don't care.

Shrink:  Energy and apathy.

Pause . . .

Me:  Ebony and ivory.

Shrink:  All I can think of is "you're depraved on account of  you're deprived."

Me:  That's fucking true!!

Shrink:  We need Officer Krupke.

Me:  I want you to be my therapist.

Shrink:  All we would do is tell jokes!  But perhaps that would be just right . . .


I'm like those babies who die for lack of love and touch.


Seed pod on a palm at J and T's garden.

A lunch of beans and rice and wine at Urban Back 40 Cafe, in my neighborhood.  So yummy.

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