Friday, November 30, 2012

A Day in the Life

Saw the heart doc this morning.  My cholesterol number is way down after starting the medication.  My blood pressure was way up since I took myself off the blood pressure med on Monday.  It was making me cough, and making me dizzy.  He prescribed something else.  When I described  my dizziness he said he did not think it was from the blood pressure meds, but possibly an allergy, an inner ear something.  I see my ENT in a couple of weeks, and depending on what he says, I'll go see an allergist.  I'm still very phlegmy, and am sure I have develped some allergies I've never had before.

Went to the Gallery Cafe for breakfast afterwards.  It's such a comfortable place, with good food.  But the coffee is bad.  Still I like it, and one of the owners, Russell Kuecker, is a good artist.  Hence the name.

Then a stop at Home Depot to pick up some organic potting soil.  A young man helped me load it into my car.  He was clearly running around like crazy, very busy, and I had to wait a few minutes for his help.  I asked him how much he made working there.  He said, $7.60 an hour. Disgraceful.  He was glad to have a job, and we agreed on the need for more education -- best in the computer or health care fields -- and I gave him a tip.  He was very very appreciative.  I tip big down here in Florida.  The job situation is so bad, really awful.

Off to Target to get a rebate on stuff I purchased yesterday.  Had the wrong coupon yesterday; found the right one today, and they retroactively gave me the discount.  8 bucks.  But hey, 8 dollars is 8 dollars.  Paid for a bag of potting soil.

Another stop at Staples to get a lapdesk.  They didn't have it, so came home and ordered it online.

Next to Anastasia Cat Clinic to get FrontlinePlus for Camilla.  She is allergic to Revolution.  They didn't have the Royal Canin hypoallergenic food she eats, so had to go to St. John's Vet Clinic pet shop to get it.  Saw they have a $19 a day "playcare" for doggies.  Good to know if I have to be off somewhere for the day; Bindi would love it.

On the way home stopped at a yard sale and bought a couple of sweet little things.  Another yard sale in the neighborhood resulted in me sitting on a milk crate going thru 30+ year old needlework magazines.  They were playing vinyl lps on an old turntable, country music stuff, and I found I was remembering all the words!  Tennessee Ernie Ford!  "Sixteen tons, and whataya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt."
Listened to the complaint by another yard sale customer about how people steal the pecans that fall from her tree.  And advised the yard sale producer on what to do with the pristine still in the box porcelain dolls that she inherited from her grandmother.  Craig's List, hello!  She has a gorgeous small hutch for $75, but I have nowhere to put it.  Ack.

Dumped the therapist I had started seeing.  Yesterday's session was the second time, and she just doesn't have much of a clue.  That's the second one I've tried down here.  This place is DESPERATE for another LGBT therapist.  There is only one out open/out LGBT counselor here, and since I run into her in social situations, I don't want to become her client.  I think I need to hang out my shingle again.  I did have business cards made already.  Personal Growth Consultant.  On the plus side, I became even more clear that I need to spend half the year in California.  Making it happen is as yet unclear to me.

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