Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon

Went to our beautiful senior center today to hear David Nolan, city historian extraordinaire, talk about his adventures since the 1970s discovering the history of Saint Augustine, and his frequently futile attempts to preserve parts of the city that were ultimately demolished.  90% of the original historic buildings of Saint Augustine have been destroyed.  And now the government is covering the historic coquina sea wall with modern concrete slabs.    He said it hurts him every time he drives by the construction site.

He's a great speaker, and so passionate about his life's calling

Went for a late breakfast at Athena's, only to realize I had forgotten my wallet at home.  But I had 20 bucks stashed in my car, so was able to cover the bill.

Turns out the cough I have and the dizziness is from the high blood pressure meds I am taking.  Benazopril.  Finally read the side effects.  My internist has just been filling me with antibiotics, ordered a chest xray, and wanted me to take steroids, and threatened to put me on iv antibiotics;  she didn't even look at my list of meds or suggest that the cough could be from the blood pressure med.  Crap.  I see the heart doctor on Friday, who prescribed this drug, and I will ask him to change it.  Stopped taking it on Monday.

Went to a lovely arts & crafts festival in town last Saturday.  Such good good art.  The man who paints marshes had delicious work, and was such a nice guy.  Saw my first "tuxedo" standard poodle, named Newman.  He was a grand dog.  And of course, one of my favorite t-shirts:  make art not war.

Ack, Google chrome is frustrating me.  Maybe my computer is too old to optimize its benefits.  Like uploading these photos to my blog. Why are they so small?!

Helped my friend Julia assemble an outdoor propane fueled heater, to put beside their inground pool.  The pool water itself is heated, but the air temp is often too cold now for her, hence the heater.  We got it together, but it wouldn't light.  Haven't heard still if she got it to work.

My bro T. came over and helped me clean my front porch.  It is so nice now, but have to repair the fountain before it will work again.  Hung the hand carved wood cattle head.  Awesome.

CamillaCat is doing much better about using the litter box.  Kitten is wrestling with her right now in the cat bed they often share.  Love my four pawed children.

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