Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Art Class

Today was the first oil painting class since my instructor returned from cooler climes up north.  I had forgotten to bring a canvas, so borrowed a piece of masonite board, primed, from a sister student.  I had never painted on masonite, and what a difference.  The paint glided on much more easily, so now I will make a trip to Home Depot, purchase a sheet of masonite and have them cut it up into 18 x 24 boards.

It was quite fun to be at the class today; someone had brought cheese, crackers, wine, and yummy muffins, and I felt I painted well.  We're working on a Florida landscape, with water, trees, sky, birds.  The weather has broken yet again after a couple of weeks of high humidity and heat, so I may be able to paint on the front porch.  I still cannot get myself to paint in my studio out back.

Bindi came with, and everyone likes her so much.  She is generally considered to be a very well behaved dog, and she got quite a few treats from the refreshments table, and many pets from the dog lovers.  Patrick, the instructor, even gave her a bit of egg from his sandwich.  He has a dog named Dirk.

Took all three cats to the cat vet yesterday, for a grand total fee of over $500.  Camilla, 18, and Misty, 14, both had good blood test reports, and the baby, Calhoun, got updates on his vaccinations.  He was quite tired after we returned, so kept him inside the rest of the day.  Turns out the black "mold" under his chin is in fact feline acne, probably caused by his suckling on polyester fleece blankets.  So I will have to ditch the polyester, and try to find some other kind of nappy fabric of cotton that he can suckle on.  Doc gave me some aloe to treat the mess under his chin.  Misty has lost several teeth, and needs some dental work, but otherwise fine.  We are doing a titer to establish Camilla's antibody status; she may not need any more vaccines.  Vet said she and the staff are talking about how best to use me as a volunteer.

Went to the thrift store next door, and bought two very tall, narrow vintage windows with bevelled glass that I've had my eye on for several weeks.  I paid a bit more than I wanted, but much less than they were marked.  Don't know what I will do with them, but just wanted them.

Have had a couple of really wonderful swims in the ocean recently.  The sea temp is still 82 degrees F. and so clean and clear, much more so than in the height of the summer.  I'm still having a very hard time with the heat and humidity; it depresses me.  But when I can get myself to the beach, it is a relief.  Salt water cures every ailment.

J, R, and I went to a regional theater performance of "Big River," the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a musical at the Limelight Theater in town.  It was a terribly uneven performance, but some of the actors, some of the music/singing, and some of the staging was delightful.  It was good to go out and do something different.  R. said she had done quite a bit of acting herself years ago;  as had I.  I could tell she still craves it.  As do I.  I may see if the Limelight needs some volunteers.

I still have not filed my 2011 taxes.  I know I frustrate my accountant.  I am just so disorganized with my paperwork that I can't keep accurate track of my expenses.  I can only estimate.  Uck.  Instead of getting better, it seems to get worse each year.  Any ideas on how to keep track of everything?  The only thing I can think of is to keep a daily log of what I spend; that seems like so much work.  The administrative work of living is something I have no interest in.  I barely can pay my bills on time. 

See the heart doc on Friday.  I have been diagnosed with "thickening" of the heart wall.  So many of my physical conditions could be alleviated by losing weight, but for someone who hates exercise, that is a tall order.  I eat pretty well, have conquered my sugar addiction, but, alas, the damage has been done.  Without exercise, diet will not alone solve the problem.

Have had nightmares the past two nights.  Last night, I was supposed to meet a ship for a trip to Africa, but I lost my luggage, and when I hired a cabbie to take me to the ship terminal, he lost my carry on, and I had no passport, wallet, or anything that I needed.  I think I decided to just bag the trip.  Or it was decided for me.

Want to see "Frankenweenie" by Tim Burton.  About a dog of course.  Am looking for a wedding gown for a Halloween costume.

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