Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Class Redux

If I don't write something every night, it slips away.

At art class today, it became apparent that I was surrounded by Republicans.  I said outloud, "Am I the only Democrat here?"  One vague response.  I guess I was/am.  Oy.  I kept my mouth shut.  I like these people, but it was already clear to me long before this that I wouldn't become close friends with any of them.  I'm there to learn the art and craft of oil painting, and if we put religion, sex, and politics on the sideboard, I'll be able to learn my lessons.

The weather is glorious again.  Cool in the mornings and evenings, and warm during the day, no humidity.  Perfect weather.  If only it could be year-round.  So many flowers are in bloom in my yard:  poinciana, coral vine, fire spike, thyrallis, plumbago, rose, datura, hibiscus.  Ocean temp is still 80 degrees F.

Well, it's official.  I have metabolic syndrome:  diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.  Was put on yet another drug for the cholesterol.  I'm just slightly over normal for all three conditions, but still.  Doc said this was the "Bermuda triangle" of health risks.  I guess I could croak at any time of a stroke or heart attack.  The worst would be to survive a stroke.  He didn't comment on my weight, but stressed the absolute importance of exercise.  I don't know if I will be able to do it.  I might die young-ish.

Misty has to have some dental work on Friday.  Been giving her antibiotics for the past week in prep for whatever they will do.  I've been remiss on flea/tick meds for all the critters; must take care of that tomorrow.

Made plans to go see the munchkins in December.  Miss those guys.  Got a very inexpensive fare for the off-holiday dates, even though it might not be best for their family schedule.  Airfares have increased, and the whole process of travelling has become a pain.  Hopefully travelling not at high peak will make the trip easier.

I've made some headway on throwing away "paper."  You know, those sheets of hardcopy information that somehow pile up all over the place.  T. has been working on the yard and it looks so nice; my collection of plants is impressive.  The fig tree, given to me a few months ago by my neighbor, an offshoot of her big tree, is replanted in the ground and doing oh so well.  Want to get some dwarf citrus trees for the spring.

Had an idea to rent a small place on the beach for a month next summer.  Although it would still be hot, being by the beach is much cooler.  A stay-cation.  Still want to get my butt out to California again.

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