Friday, October 05, 2012


Got up early and went to the Coquina Crossing tag/yard/garage sale.  For a relatively upscale gated community, there sure was a lot of crap.  I think people are hanging onto stuff and giving away things that are just in the worst shape.  I was kind of disgusted.  I bought nothing even tho there was so much.  The only thing I might have wanted, a piece of carpet for my art studio, was sold by the time I circled back to it.  Lesson:  hang onto what interests you even if you aren't sure you want it.

Dropped by a couple of other yard sales.  Bought some lovely wrought iron decorative items that can be installed outside.  Had a nice conversation with the woman hosting the sale.  At another sale, I bought a blanket for Kitten (aka Calhoun) as he likes to suckle still on fleece material, and a possibly vintage "travel" washboard.  At least that's what it said on the thing:  fits into your luggage.  The joints on the wood appeared to be quite old.

I was driving out by the Saint Johns River, on Route 13, and came upon Maggie's Herb Farm.  Maggie retired several years ago, but Dora was there.  I bought a curry plant for a friend, lemongrass, and an indigo plant, the last one she had.  Also some worm castings fertilizer and fish fertilizer.  Everything they have is organic, and they have almost everything.  I resisted walking around because I would buy more.  But what a lovely place.  The photo is an inlet from the St. Johns.  I love the deteriorating chair that was there.

I was starving so stopped on the way home at the 3rd Street Diner.  Had never been there before, but was craving blueberry pancakes.  When they arrived, I took one bite and knew I could not continue.  The pancakes were dense and chewy and had an odd bitter cornmeal taste.  I sent them back and got a small Greek salad, which was fine.

Tomorrow night, going to a regional theater performance with J. and R.

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