Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA or Take Some Ativan

Suddenly after reading a Facebook post by one of my friends on the new pat-down procedures at airports, I'm freaked. I mean they pat me down anyway because of my prosthetic knees, but now they're doing breasts and buttocks and groin? This is not going to be good for me. I hope I don't break down crying, but I just might.

I don't seem to be getting anything done inside the house. It's still a mess. Although three workers showed up today to paint the ceiling in the studio, tear down the rotten metal shed, and access what kind of windows and where to put them. Had a chiropractor appt. this morning. Then some grocery shopping. Then came home and realized I needed to get Bindi's nails cut and filed for our first nursing home visit tomorrow. Then make myself supper.

A minor wine miracle at the market. I had my items on the belt and when the woman moved the belt forward, the bottle of wine I was about to purchase fell to the floor. It DID NOT BREAK. We were all astonished. I could only attribute it to the guardian angel candle I also had on the belt. The checkout woman muttered something in Portuguese, which meant spirits or saints.

Been watching dvd's borrowed from JG: Life as a House, The Painted Veil, Sherlock Holmes, Savages. All held my interest.

I got four vitex agnes-castus variegata plants for free from the nursery. They have a give away section, and I've been checking it out. How will I ever get the plants into the ground before next week? Someone is coming on Monday to take a look at the platform bed job. Then when I get back from Michigan I must SERIOUSLY get a new mattress.

Had a massage last Sunday then went over to SM's mom's house and had dinner with the gang. JM made grits polenta with fake ground beef and vegetables. Wasn't half bad with a bit of hot sauce on top.

Got to read some of the Sunday New York Times. I cannot subscribe to it, even just Sundays, until I get more settled.

Blogging seems important. How else can I remember what I've done? I'll just feel like I'm free floating. I guess the cat sitter won't mind if my house is a mess while I'm gone, so I should probably take the pressure off to clean it up.

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