Thursday, November 25, 2010

San Marco Terrace

Rehab & Care Center. Today was my first day doing a therapy dog visit with Bindi. Three other women with their dogs were there, along with three organizers since three of us were first-timers. There was Bindi, the chi mix, Bella, a small bulldog, Mandy, a wiry haired white terrier something, and BARNEY, THE BIGGEST CHOCOLATE NEWFOUNDLAND I have ever seen! He was hysterical. He would splay his legs out on the ground and look like an enormous plush rug. I was nervous and so was Bindi, but we did very well. Bindi was shy and submissive, which was just fine given the folks we visited. I was outgoing and cheerful. Two residents commented on how beautiful her eyes are, and others talked about their own dogs. We stayed about 45 minutes. It was joyful, and sad, interesting and heartbreaking. After we left I felt absolutely drained and tearful. I was exhausted and I think Bindi was too.

I was late for my chiropractor appt. cause I remembered the time wrong. Ran into the woman who sold me my house in the office who said, "What are you doing at the best chiropractor in town?" That was encouraging. It was so nice to see her and we shared a big hug.

Came home where three people again were working on my future art studio. The ceiling has now been insulated, sheetrocked, and painted, and I have an impressive
6' x 6' wall of windows on the back wall where just yesterday there was just a wall. I'm very excited that progress is being made, but now with the holidays and my going away, there will be another halt. Still, progress. The shed was torn down and hauled away. The woman who was painting may turn out to be a housecleaner for me. That will be a relief.

This afternoon the gurlz and I all took a long nap then I watched "Hancock" with Will Smith and Charlize Theron. Liked it a lot. They are both such great actors.

Tomorrow I have three Thanksgiving invitations, and hope to get to all of them.

Photo of a stray cat who used to come around. No longer.

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