Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hidden Beauty

When I would drive down the coast to Washington Oaks State Park where my watercolor class was held, I would pass an empty restaurant/inn which I found completely intriguing. There was a for sale sign in front, and although the place was small by some standards, it's architecture was charming and I would always say to myself, I must stop and explore that place one of these trips.

On Sunday, I went to the Park for a fundraiser and a showing off of the work we produced in the class. I had plenty of time and decided to stop at that inn. There was no one around. The sign on the gate to the back said "Private Property Keep Out," but in the words of Woody Guthrie, on the other side it didn't say nothin', and the gate was unlocked, so I went into the back. This is what I found.


The staircase leading down to the labyrinth.

The balcony off one side of the building.
On the back landing were two hot tubs still filled with water, and a long boardwalk which led to the Mantanzas River. What a glorious place it must have been when it was in operation. I hope someone buys it and returns it to its original glory before it falls too badly into disrepair.

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