Sunday, November 14, 2010


The photos are from a friend's dermatologist's office. I went with her one day and his office was filled with old movie posters, magazine covers, and endless items of graphic interest. I am often pleasantly surprised by what I happen to come across down here. It's truly an eclectic atmosphere.

Yesterday a woman who works with the cats-only clinic near me came over to meet Camilla and Misty, as she will tend to them when I am away in December. I don't know why everyone says living in Florida is cheaper. She charges more than my catsitter/dogwalker in CT. But she is a vet tech so I guess that accounts for the higher rate. Her name is Hope. Housing costs down here for places not on the water are very inexpensive these days, but other than that, everything else is just as pricey as CT.

I've begun to let Misty out into the yard when I am at home. I kept her inside for over two months, and when I finally let her out, she stayed around the house and came back in easily. She likes to chase the little anole lizards that are everywhere. Hope said to be on the lookout for blue skinks, as they are toxic if eaten.

Insulation and sheetrocking of the ceiling of the art studio is nearly complete. I'm trying to get my young handsome carpenter to come back next week and put in the windows. He's got some big job on hold and thought he might be able to do it.

Was tempted by some inexpensive plants at Home Depot so bought a couple to put on my screened front porch. Planted some pink/purple muhly grass in a big hole Bindi had dug hoping it will deter her. Found a big resin urn to plant a colorful croton in, and a purplish shrub that is cold resistant. I've got a huge tomato plant that is flowering but I'm sure will be frozen out before it produces any fruit. But as an experiment of planting a spindly thing that a friend gave me, I'll plant another in that spot in the spring and I'm sure it will do well.

I think I may have made a connection for Bindi to get into a therapy dog program, to go with me visiting to hospitals/nursing homes, etc. I'm meeting with someone next week. It's an organization called Canines for Christ. Someone called me after I sent an email to someone else who was listed in the paper, and although this woman said I didn't have to be a "member of their church" for me and Bindi to participate, upon looking at their website, I may not be their preferred candidate. All Bindi needs is her Canine Good Citizen certificate, which she has. Now we will meet and get checked out by the organizer.

Speaking of Home Depot, while i was in there I was approached by three different salesmen trying to sell me various home improvement services. I did not like that at all. It's bad enough being in that place, let alone having my time extended with having to listen to their crap. The job situation is bad here, I get that, but leave me the heck alone when I'm shopping.

Watched "The Last Station" with Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren, the story of Tolstoy and his wife. Very good. Also watched "Twilight" to see what the fuss is with all the teenagers being into it. I did not like it much. Also watched "Sudie and Simpson" on Hulu, which, altho quite old, was excellent. A young Sarah Gilbert played Sudie.

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Paulinka said...

LInda, I love it ! Nice pictures and great
Paulinka stories. Very personable and real. OMG the new friend - story made me cry !