Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Interesting encounters with people today.

Walked into 309 WLH and saw a tall man there, I asked "what's going on," cheerfully. Turned out he was a psychologist from Florida writing a novel and this room was in his story. We had a very cordial conversation about Yale and dogs, as his wife took pictures with her new digital camera. We exchanged contact info. He may pick my brain for background.

Took Bindi to the St. Ronan Street dog park, and met an adjunct professor at the div school who teaches on non-violence. Says she is a cousin of M's childhood friend. Six, or five, or even four degrees of separation. Her dog is an English shepherd, very handsome. Named Dani. Bindi ran out the gate to the dog park, my fault, and I slammed the heavy metal door on my fingernail now there's a big bruise. Bindi was running down the street and I asked another woman with a dog on the sidewalk to help me catch my dog. The woman hesitated a bit but said okay, and Bindi just stopped near them and I was able to catch her. Good thing it is a low traffic street. More training needed in, "Stop!", and "Bindi, COME!"

Watched an interview with Malcolm Gladwell on C-Span. Did not know he was half West Indian. He calls himself a dweeb. Want to get his books "Blink" and "The Tipping Point" out of the library.

Saw the most gorgeous sunset on Shell Beach. Huge orange ball on the horizon, another warm day. No snow in sight. Bindi got a new stuffed squirrel in the mail from Carolyn, and B loves it a lot. Loves to make it squeak.

Had enjoyable birthday dinner at Kudeta with Laura, Tirza, David, Rob, Rachel, Frances, Jim, and Mary. Lisa couldn't make it so we will go to Chester to have dinner with her on the 26th, me and Mary that is. It'll be just in time for the after holiday sales and Chester has cool shops. Rob gave me a copy of Carry-Ons: Travelling Chihuahuas (cover seen in previous post), very amusing book about the dogs and where they've been and their favorite places to travel. Silly photos. There is a book for everything it seems. Bindi had a new carrier for planes and airports and am eager to try it out. Mab and Syl gave me pottery they had painted themselves at the paint your own pottery in Boston. Syl's was a Bindi plate which touched me very deeply. Mab with her usual beautiful artistic way made me a tree ornament, a globe with pine boughs and dog prints. Charming. Jim gave me a rose and ivory poinsettia, Tirza gave me a Tin Lizzie dog ornament, and David gave me money for a microloan to funnel through Kiva.

Kudeta had a very elegant and trendy interior, but the food was only so so. Good but not up to the decor and the prices. Small gathering at Annette's tomorrow evening.

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slugmom said...

oh, that's always a bummer when a restaurant's decor and prices outclass it's food. Much better to be the other way round, I think.