Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fisher Cats

Look at the claws on this cutie! Read in the local paper that fisher cats or fishers are making a comeback in eastern CT, although I have yet to see one. They are similar to weasels, and eat fish, hence the name. Don't know why they are called cats.

Sleepy day today, didn't do much of anything, just a couple of loads of laundry, and ran the dishwasher, took a nap with Camilla after getting up late. Called Jim and we chatted for a while, but he didn't feel like going out of the house so we didn't do anything. We're thinking of doing some volunteer work at the downtown soup kitchen on Christmas day.

Rob and Robert came over for dinner last night. I made vegetable soup, they brought artichokes and good bread, and we had mint chip ice cream for dessert. I built a huge fire and we read the New York Times. One of Robert's kids has a birthday the same as mine, so they won't be able to join me for my birthday dinner, but I have other friends to be with. Jim was so funny, he said, "I hate parking in downtown New Haven, so please choose a restaurant with a parking lot!"

Picked up some photos from the photo shop yesterday, from Thanksgiving. Some good ones of everyone dancing to 80s tunes. But I do need to get a digital camera. And then a good printer. Rob says that sending digital photos out to be printed is sometimes cheaper than doing it at home, since you have to spend so much money on good photo paper and ink, as well as a good printer. I'm overwhelmed with the choices of cameras. Any suggestions?

Went to Moderately Cheerful Hour on Friday for a bit. Bindi gets to munch on sliced ham and turkey and rye bread, all so yum. We had a training breakthrough yesterday: I took her out for a walk in the yard at home, and the leash wasn't hooked on properly. It came off, and I was afraid she would run off. I said, "Bindi, Stay!" And she did! Long enough for me to get the leash back on. Good dog!


kim said...

that fisher cat is cute. They look like ferrets without the stripes. At least in that picture. I haven't heard of them before.

I'll let Dale recommend cameras, he's better at that stuff than I am. We have a Canon something that we like. My friend Karen has it's 'big brother' that does a lot more than ours.

Dale said...

We have a Canon A520, which has been a decent camera. (Current similar model is the Canon A540.) Kim actually uses it more than I do, so she can address what she doesn't like.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive ($170 at, uses standard AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, fairly small, 4X zoom, seems durable, nice automatic settings, plus manual options.

Cons: Comes with small 16MB memory card, slow flash recharge times (the fault of using AA batteries, I suppose), no image stabilization (non-flash photos at full zoom are hard to keep steady).

Kim has also messed with the macro mode and wishes it was more flexible. But, over all we've been happy and I would buy another Canon.