Friday, December 08, 2006

Steaming Poo

I know, I'm a little warped. Oh well, it makes me interesting. When I googled "steaming dog poo" and clicked on images, this came up. How could you not love it? The dog even looks a little like Bindi. Oh, backstory: it's so cold here right now that when I took Bindi out for her bathroom break and she did her business, steam rose from the, uh, pile. We even had a dusting of snow.

For lunch some of the Women's Studies majors presented their senior essay projects in progress. Judy, who is 69, is getting her B.A. in Women's Studies, and her project is on Alzheimer's. She has a lot of it in her family. I asked her if one of the reasons she decided to go back to school was to help prevent getting the disease herself, she said absolutely. She talked about how close the medical community is to finding a vaccine to prevent Alzheimer's, but it's still about 10 years out. She also talked about the gendered aspects of the disease. I look forward to reading her final essay.


Dale said...

I have this vague, weird memory - activated by this post - of dog poop with sugar on it.

kim said...