Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beautiful Em

Isn't she gorgeous! She's my niece in Michigan, with the five brothers and sisters. They apparently had snow and were all out playing in it, and their mom put the photos on her blog. Rosey apple cheeks, sweet smiling eyes and mouth, long curly hair, what a pretty girl.

Had dinner last night with colleagues at Geeta's house. Catered. And Geeta talked about her new book on Indian women and home, and her recent trip to Hong Kong where she did a power point presentation on what constitutes a family. She had people around here define their families and submit photos. I included Bindi in my family cause, well, she is part of it. After all, she was at the dinner!! And she was pretty good, until she got restless and started scratching at Geeta's rug.

Work at the university is slowing WAY down with the winter recess upon us. Classes end tomorrow, then reading week, then exams, then away we go. Classes don't start again till January 16, so students with no exams have five weeks off. Boola boola.


Dale said...

She definitely takes after her father.

kim said...

Ha! Dale's funny! But he's right, too. :)

Now he made me forget what I was really going to say.

Yay for being almost done with the semester. Only a little while till we see you! Yay! What's reading week?