Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Best Western Branford

Frances and I went swimming at the Branford Best Western Stony Creek Inn this morning. For five bucks each, anyone can go in and use the small heated pool with whirlpool jets, in a nice glass enclosed setting. And there's a sauna in the women's restroom. It was the perfect gentle excercise for me, and Frances had a ball practicing her swimming strokes and walking on her hands and playing Princess Aqua. And it's only ten minutes from my house! Then we went to the diner and had lunch, then we went to the Guilford Arts Center and saw their holiday crafts show and sale. So many beautiful things. I just bought a manatee ornament for the tree. Then we went to Tommy K's and got two videos, Garfield A Tale of Two Kitties, and Cars. I didn't like Cars very much, but the Garfield one was pretty funny. Then I made dinner, then Frances and I made dog cookies from a book I was given by Erin and Jason, well, actually Trinka and Ashley, and Bindi loved the cookies! Can't wait to try the other recipes. I leave for Michigan on Friday. Am I ready? Of course not! I never am!

Christmas day was nice, as I slept late, then went over to Rachel's and Frances's, and we had a great feast with Rachel's friend Justine who was visiting. It was very low key and the food was great. I was home and in my jammies by 9pm. No snow yet.


kim said...

you didn't like Cars?

That pool looks nice.

I am never ready for trips until the last minute, either. I don't know how people can be organized and pack ahead and all that.

What things do you want to do when you're here?

p.s. we got a dusting of snow tonight, but I don't think it'll last.

Dale said...

I liked Cars, but can't comment on Garfield, since I haven't seen it. Somehow a computer-animated Garfield with Bill Murray's voice doesn't appeal to me.

jip said...

no snow is global warming.

erin said...

Glad Bindi enjoyed the cookies!