Thursday, September 06, 2012

Screaming and Kicking

"Pop Up Bugs" was a wild hit with the 3-4 year olds this morning.  Out of the pages came a huge tarantula, wasp, beetle, praying mantis, mosquito, and scorpion.  As I read the script and turned the pages and the gigantic 3-D colorful critters emerged, the kids yelled their heads off, lay on their backs and  kicked their legs in the air, and hugged one another in mock fear.  Even the teachers were impressed by their thrilled reactions.  Feels good when I find a book they really love!

Drove after to the pool, but sat in the car checking my iPhone in procrastination.  Was hungry, and didn't want to swim, but it was so hot.  Found in the car a stale fortune cookie still in its wrapper; scarfed it down, read my generic fortune, changed, and got into the pool.  Was fine once I got in; the cool water felt so nice, and the place was nearly deserted.  Swam a few laps, showered, picked up some things from the supermarket, and came home.

Odd dreams last night.  One, my friend R. was showing me the beautiful needlework he had created.  Two, I had a dorm room that was situated in an abandoned elevator.  Three, the refrigerator door broke off, and as I was preparing to call the landlord, I realized I didn't have a landlord and I had to fix the thing myself!

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