Friday, September 14, 2012


Went out this evening after dark to pick some parsley, basil, and peppers from my garden.  Brought the bunch inside, and as I was washing it, a small anole lizard crawled out, went to the side of the sink, and opened its dear little mouth.  I picked it up, the first time I have done so, and it did not resist, perhaps knowing I was going to carry it to the back porch and let it out.  These small profound moments of affirming life are what happiness is all about.  I had never picked up one of these tiny creatures; it was incredibly easy.

Got up early and went to a couple of yard sales.  The second one was the most organized and efficient estate sale I have ever attended.  Everything in the house was carefully laid out, marked with a price, and there were several staff there to help.  I purchased a couple of garden tools and a lovely turquoise basket that will become a dog/cat bed once I put a blanket in it.

My old friend Judith Butler is the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Adorno prize, in Germany.  She is getting a great deal of flak/flack for her criticism of Israeli foreign policy.  She is one of the most intense, intelligent, attentive, caring, and funny people I've ever known.  That combination is incredibly rare.

And finally, featured on the front page of the Saint Augustine Record, the magnificent Ankole-Watusi cattle in Hastings.  I have passed these exquisite beasts many times on my way to Palatka for art classes, and have some great photos of them myself.  This photo is by Daron Dean.

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