Monday, September 10, 2012


T. came over to cut my lawn this morning, grown lush and long from all the recent rain.  I used his working as an inspiration to get myself to the Solomon Calhoun public pool, about a mile from my house.  The humidity had broken, and the day was warm and crisp.  I swam laps for longer than I had in a while, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Took myself after to The Groove cafe for lunch, in St. Augustine Beach, on my way to the hardware store.  Had seen it advertised often and passed it many times.  Turned out it was just kind of average food-wise, although the atmosphere was quite nice.  Way too expensive for lunch, though.

Little Bindi has been lackadaisical, perhaps even a bit depressed.  I took her for walks every day when we were in northern California, but since we've gotten back it has just been too hot and humid for me to do that.  And she doesn't even want to stay outside that long by herself.  It only occurred to me today that I could have hired T. to walk her for 30 minutes a day.  I did that when I was still in CT and had my knee surgeries and cancer treatments.  I wish I could do more of the day to day maintenance of my life myself, but alas, I cannot.  I am blessed to have some financial resources to hire people to help me.  As the weather begins to cool down, I hope to be able to walk Bindi myself each day.  Good for both of us.

Talked with my neighbor, over the fence of course, who had wondered where I disappeared to.  He thought I had packed up and moved.  I said, no, I was away, then I was sick, then I was holed up in my house avoiding the heat.  He said, put in a pool!  He said, I don't know how anyone lives in Florida without a pool!  And now I will consider this.  If I thought I was going to stay in this house, I might invest in an in-ground pool; but that would be way expensive, even if it was a narrow, 3-4 foot deep design.  But perhaps a round above ground thing, that I can jump into at will, just to cool off.  That would not be very expensive.  I think they are ugly, but I have to entertain the idea.  He has a fairly large round pool, that  he partially sunk into the ground.  Of course, I would have to hire someone to maintain it . . .

On the subject of heat, I received in the mail today two cotton gauze tank dresses that I ordered online.  It is the perfect garment -- unstructured, lightweight, easy on and off -- for this climate.

Anniversay of 9/11 tomorrow.  I remember where I was and what I was doing on that day in 2001.

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