Sunday, September 02, 2012

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Such a lovely morning at the beach with J, T, and S.  The water was warm, calm, clear, and we played for hours.  A big swell would come along and J would yell, "Peter Pan moment!"  We would bend down in the water, then propel ourselves up above the wave.  Such good fun.  We didn't want to leave, but we were waterlogged, pruned, and sunburned.  We all ended up taking naps this afternoon.  Kitten cuddled up with me.

J invited me for dinner; broiled swordfish, asparagus, yellow rice.  So good.  Mango sorbet and ginger snaps for dessert.  We watched "The School of Rock," which is one of my very fave movies. The kids are awesome.  "Stick it to the man!"

T said his night blooming cereus was about to blossom.  It only opens its flowers at night, and his plant was covered with them.  I don't know how the blooms are witnessed.  It only opens for a few hours, and then gone.  I have the plant but not one as healthy as T's.  He says it needs the shade, so I will move my specimen.

Oil painting by B.F. Postel.

S. called later to ask if I wanted to host an Obama intern from another state who would be coming to Florida to work for the campaign.  I'll call her tomorrow to see what the details are.  I had said I was spending too much time alone, that I was lonely.  This might be a good thing to do.  I cannot do phone banking, as I cannot have conversations with people who support the GOP.  These interns are young college kids who need places to stay for just a few days. That could work.

The moon rose big and orange this evening. A nice day, all in all.

Came home and watched the most recent episode of "Breaking Bad."  I had wondered when Hank was going to suspect Walt; this was the episode.  I am so taken with Aaron Paul.  the acting, the cinemaphotography is so good, even tho the content is, well, depraved.

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