Friday, September 17, 2010

One step at a time

Wrote this yesterday. Today I am exhausted.

16 Sept. 2010

8.05 am

The landscaping class I wanted to take was full when I called, but they said they would call me if there was a cancellation, and there was. I'll be doing that the next three Thursdays, and then the watercolor class.

Yesterday I went to the Women's Networking lunch at La Pavillon, which was kind of interesting and fun. There was the usual assortment of thin well-dressed blondes, real estate agents, metabolic weight loss distributors, fitness trainers, and a few normal women like myself, therapists, radio announcers, yoga teachers, dog trainers, wine shoppe owners. Everyone stood up and took one minute to introduce herself, and then we had lunch. I ordered the vegetarian option, and it was a beautiful plate of spinach, carrots, mushrooms, rice, brussels sprouts, green beans, mostly steamed. Very good. $8. Made a connection with a young woman who will be doing Thai massage, which is a combination of yoga stretches and massage. I've known about it for a long time, but think I will finally try it with her. I liked her energy.

Also stopped in Sofa Tucker's, (get it?) a furniture store, a small one, near the restaurant to begin my search for the perfect sectional sofa for my small living room. I realized that many sofa cushions are too squishy for me, and I want firmer cushions. They did have one nice piece, not a sectional, but I could get a matching love seat or chair and use a corner table although I didn't want to do that. Also in the neighborhood is the rare and used book store that JM works at, so I stopped in to see her for a bit. She seemed distracted by whatever was going on with the computer so I didn't stay.

Came back to the house and took my typical-these-days four hour nap. Two cats and a dog on the bed and being unconscious for a few hours seems to help keep me grounded during this transition. The weather has been cooler in the mornings and evenings, but still hot during the day. Tuesday night J & S called and we went to Saint Augustine Beach and I had my first dip in the 82 degree ocean water since I've been here. It was very nice. The breeze was cool after we got out and I realize I have to get myself to the beach more often when I'm hot. We didn't take the dogs, but they are allowed on the beach if on leash. You can also DRIVE and park on the beach in some places, for a fee. Weird. CT would never allow that . . .

Attended an auction at the Ponce de Leon Mall last night for a while. A lot of the stuff was crap, and it was definitely the other end of the spectrum of the Women's Networking crowd, but the auctioneers, both very young, were very very funny. And a young Asian woman was showing off her baby squirrel that she had rescued. She was just holding it in her hands, and the little thing was tiny, but lively and healthy. Quite sweet. In the office on the wall was this ginormous white moose head, not only the largest moose head I had ever seen, but white! There was as well a very large, very old long hair orange Persian cat sleeping on the counter, and I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the two. The only thing I wanted to bid on was a swing open pet gate, but it didn't come up for bidding before I got bored and tired and left.

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