Friday, September 24, 2010

Cherry Laurel and Algerian Ivy

Don't know if I can get myself to buy a $3500 Tempur-pedic bed. And that's just the mattress, not even a bed. Saw an Englander brand today for $900 on sale, foam and latex and an organic bamboo cover, whatever. Will go back and look at it again. Englander is a brand I had never heard of up north, but it has pretty good reviews online.

Looked at sofas again. Don't know how I will ever make a decision. Everything is so expensive new, and I get so overwhelmed by all the choices.

Had dinner with J & T, and some high spirited conflicting opinions after, but no loss. People down here are just more conservative.

Had an hour and 1/2 massage today. It was ok, but I'm so preoccupied by this furniture buying. What a drag. How can I make it more enjoyable? It should be exciting to get new things, but I can't find exactly what I want, so anything will be a compromise. I think that's the problem. Paying so much money for compromise. All the sofas are too low and the cushions not firm enough, and still we're talking $1000.

Planted a volunteer cherry laurel tree in the yard today. It was in a pot with a yucca, so I divided them and since the tree was already six feet tall I thought I might as well put it in the ground. Took some leaves to the landscape design class yesterday and the instructor said it can get big, but it flowers and produces a nice berry that the birds like, so that's reasons enough to try to salvage it. Also was told that Algerian ivy is a good ground cover down here for under shady trees, so got a couple of those plants.

Have ordered most of the materials needed for my watercolor class that will begin in a couple of weeks. Been ordering a bunch of stuff online cause it's less expensive..

Just finished reading "Wench," by Dolan Perkins-Valdez. It was a page-turner for me, a novel about 19th century slavery, and the friendships of the slave women, and their relationships to their owners. It just happened to be on the return shell when I signed up for my library card. Nothing fancy in the writing, yet a worthwhile read.

The Saint Augustine Gay Pride festival is tomorrow. I signed up to do registration for a couple of hours. Thought it would be a good way to meet folks. J. will be exhibiting some of his art. Also will stop by the Florida Heritage Book Festival to visit Sandra Birnhak, whom I met when I went to the Backus murals showing. She's in charge of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society, and has produced the movie "The Yearling," from Rawlings book of the same name. Birnhak has invited me out to her farm which is a bit inland from here, but it sounds lovely. She has eight dogs. Also scheduled a haircut. And have to go back and look at that $900 mattress set. Sleeping on this futon is no good.

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dale said...

Today has a memory foam mattress for just $299.

I'm sure it's just as good as the Tempura Shrimp one.

Hey, this comment looks like robotic product spam.

Oh well.