Friday, September 17, 2010

Non-Sulfite Organic Zinfandel

The first landscape design class yesterday left me with homework, and a great deal of knowledge about how to go about landscaping this property. Did you know landscaping, along with energy efficiency, are the two most important investments you can make in a home for later sale? I was warned not to just go out and buy pretty plants and try to landscape with them. Also, my soil is all sand so I will have to put tons of amendments in any place that I plant something. It was fun to find the University of Florida Agricultural Center and see what they are up to. There was a community garde on site!

Stopped at the new Publix supermarket near there on the way home, and got some things I needed. As usual, got into a conversation with the cashier and bag person about how I just moved here. The bagger offered to help me to my car with my parcels, but I declined as I didn't have much. He asked if there were bag boys in CT. I said yes but they never offer to help me to my car with the bags. He said, why not? I said, cause they're CT bag boys!!

Came home to find the AT&T guy hooking up my phone line and dsl. He was talking on his cell phone about some drama at work, and he later told me that a co-worker was threatening to do bodily harm to him but management wasn't doing anything about it. I didn't really wanna here it, but there you are. He got the connection working, left, and then I attempted to set up my modem and internet and wireless theatre. Well, of course I couldn't get it to work so called the AT&T support people, and was on the phone for 3 hours before they were able to get it to work. I was so frustrated and tired.

Too much for one day. Slept badly and woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Went to the pharmacy to get scripts refilled, then to Target to get some more things I needed. I was walking around Target in a daze, unable to remember what I went there for, and completely spaced out.

Came home, took a short nap with the critters and went to J & T's for dinner, and then nice conversation on their deck overlooking the San Sebastin river. Lovely.


Rosa said...

A landscaping class, that's interesting. I don't think I ever imagined that that would be a possibility. :) it sounds like you are enjoying it though? :)


Kim said...

I think a landscaping class would be neat - especially if I could cajole my eldest boy to do the *hard work* part for me. But alas, he is disinterested.

In the (only) grocery store where my sister lives, they *always* bag and carry out your stuff for you. They don't let you take it out. Well, I guess I've never just bought a little. But they always drive their carts out to my van and load my stuff for me. Kinda weird.