Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Conservati. . .

I'm sitting in Barnes & Noble in a chair in front of the Current Affairs shelves. Just some of the books with their covers facing out are Courage and Consequence (Karl Rove) second row, Conduct Unbecoming (Robert Patterson), top row, Right Now (Michael Steele) and Liberty and Tyranny (Mark Levin), Courting Disaster (Marc Thiessen) all third row, Catastrophe (Dick Morris & Eileen McGann) and Culture of Corruption (Michelle Malkin) fourth row. Oh, Audacity of Hope (Barack Obama) is on the very bottom shelf. I suppose I do have some kind of duty to put a few more liberal titles facing out, just for the sake of equality . . .

Just did some shopping for household needs at Marshall's and KMart. Man, do I hate shopping. It would be much easier with a buddy, but I can only shop spontneously when I feel I can stand it, so I have to grab the moment with no time to find someone to go with.

Yesterday I went to the Jacksonville branch of the Mayo Clinic where J. had an appointment. Figure I may be seeing doctors there one of these days, so going with her gave me a chance to see where it was. I sat in the cafe while she went to her appt. and on the way back we stopped at Fresh Market, a kind of sort of natural foods market about 1/2 hour from Saint Augustine. It's hard to get good produce in the local supermarkets here, unlike CT. The farmer's markets have good greens, but no fruit. It's a little early for the citrus crop, and past peaches and strawberries. I will surely miss the variety of fresh apples available up north. Fresh Market was decent, but they didn't carry soy cheese or non sulfite wine. We stopped at Villano Beach for a bit, and I got my feet wet in the 84 degree ocean water for the first time. J. and I talked about trying to set up some kind of exercise schedule together. I hope that works out.

My plumbing problem turns out to be just an uncapped vent pipe under the house releasing foul smells. The guy will order the part and come back next week to install it. Should be about $150. Glad it wasn't anything worse.

Saw a notice in the paper that the school district needs volunteers to read to kindergartner's (sp)so will follow up on that. I think I would find that most enjoyable. There's also a three week landscaping class which starts this Thusday at the ag center, and if you attend all three classes they apparently will come out to your house and give you a free landscape assessment.

Sunday JG came over and fixed by back door screen so it would shut. Said he didn't want the job of renovating my studio out back, so will get the nice carport moving guy to do it. Later went to S & J's for dinner, seafood gumbo and salad, and we watched "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," with Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman. It was entertaining, but not well acted, although I think kids would like it a lot.

Been sleeping a lot still. About ready to go home for my afternoon nap.
Photos from around town: a pink vine I must have but don't know what it is; a very good example of xeroscape; a sign in a window at night; guess?


kim said...

I've been sleeping a lot - or, at least, been very sleepy during the day - too. Maybe it's the cooler weather here. Or maybe the vertigo was some bug I haven't quite shaken off.

HEY I've been thinking of you and miss you <3 - I'd love to see pics of your new house, and especially the deep shiny blue wall! Have you taken any? Will you give me a virtual tour?

How is Bindy doing with settling in? She's always traveled so well, but I'm sure she can tell this is different than a visit. After all, I hear she has a boyfriend! :-)

love you

Anonymous said...

Ewww--what's to like about shopping at Marshalls and K Mart--ewww?? I do little shopping except for food these days but did find a fabulous place for super good shoes--called "The Agony of Defeet". CSA